Showcase Disney

The Disney Showcase collection is exactly that ,
a showcase of all of the best-loved characters from
the timeless, magical world of Disney.

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Alice in Wonderland-Masquerade Alice

Alice joins the mad masquarade ball from Disney Haute Couture. Motifs and icons from the film appear..

£64.99 Ex Tax: £54.16

Beauty & the Beast-Belle And Chip Christmas

Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast captures the magic of the Christmas season. Belle is featur..

£72.00 Ex Tax: £60.00

Beauty and the Beast- Belle Yellow Dress Figurine

Tale as old as time. Belle is every inch a beauty in haute couture. Tonal pieces and a subtle rose-i..

£64.99 Ex Tax: £54.16

Beauty and the Beast-Belle

"Now, it's no wonder that her name means 'beauty'." Featured here is Belle in a glittery blue dress ..

£55.00 Ex Tax: £45.83

Cars- Lightening Mcqueen Figurine

Lightning McQueen is definitely the fastest car around as he revs his way into the Disney Showc..

£42.00 Ex Tax: £35.00


Cinderella who is kind to all is featured in a highly detailed floral dress that resembles the origi..

£59.94 Ex Tax: £49.95

Cinderella-Lady Tremaine

This figurine perfectly depicts Lady Tremaine's sharp facial features and fierce eyes. The Wicked St..

£52.99 Ex Tax: £44.16

Esmeralda-20th Anniversary

Making her debut into Disney Showcase is the finest girl in France, Esméralda from the classic film ..

£59.94 Ex Tax: £49.95

Mary Poppins-Practically Perfect in Every Way.

Mary Poppins the magical nanny who uses her magical powers to help the Bank family. This figurine ca..

£57.00 Ex Tax: £47.50

Nightmare Before Christmas-Christmas Sally

Sally embraces the fashion of the Christmas season in an elegant capelet, festive winter hat. and mu..

£59.94 Ex Tax: £49.95

Nightmare Before Christmas-Santa Jack

Halloween Town's Pumpkin King has his eye on a new holiday. This high fashion interpretation of Jack..

£59.94 Ex Tax: £49.95

Peter Pan-Tinkerbell-Winter Tink

In her winter finest, Tinker Bell makes a winter debut in Disney Haute Couture. Shimmering in silver..

£59.94 Ex Tax: £49.95

Sleeping Beauty-Aurora Wedding

Princess Aurora joins the bridal collection from Disney Haute Couture.She is resplendent in her anti..

£49.94 Ex Tax: £41.62

Snow White & Dopey-Christmas Celebration

Celebrating Snow White's 80th Anniversary, the second release in the Christmas Series features the p..

£75.00 Ex Tax: £62.50

Snow White Masquerade

Snow White hides behind her white dove mask, reflecting the innocence and beauty that is underneath...

£49.94 Ex Tax: £41.62